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2013 vs 2014

Actually I go to Japan every year to attend 2-3 live concert of various artist. But in the last 2 yeas, I have attended quite a number of concert there. For somebody, you may think it's not that much, but for me who is not japanese and not even live in Japan, it's quite hard. ........ Anyway, I used to think that I can't get enough money and vacation leave to go to live concert in Japan like what I have gone to in the year 2013 anymore. Yeah .... not any more huh?

Live 2013.2014 Live.

I can't guess what happen to my own decision next year anymore. = ='

PS. I also attended a-nation in Singapore last week. looooooooooooooooool *faint*

2014 a-nation singapore

[Gif] YamaP Solo Live - Short but Sweet

After seeing this live, I just can't help myself, but capturing unstopped for making .gif.

And here they are >_____<





and a bonus (?) (LL) one is ... (o∩.∩o)

Sweating man

Why he's only one that's sweat so+too much = =? (LOL)

KaT-TUN vs Tego ('s horse)

When I see KaT-TUN get a chance to ride the horses in their latest concert at Tokyo Dome =[]=!! , I kind of (suddenly) think of Tegomasu.

Now I think everyone get my point cuz one picture explains better than word. It's real horse vs cawaii carousel. (LL) Tegomuse's so cawaiiii after all >_<!

(Source: Mezamashi Sat 2010.07.16 & Tegomasu 1st LIVE TOUR)

PS. I'm not being sarcastic here and I never dislike tegomusu. Just think of them after seeing KaT-Tun like I've said above. ^^

Addicted to love

Kitaaaaa!!!~ (shout)

Finally they're here.  Three editions of the latest single of w-inds. 「Addicted to love」, in front of my eyes, in my hands....with my money flown TTvTT!~

Wanna go to see their live deadly, but now iroiro in my life are barabara. (laugh + sign) See you (in da concert) next year my beloved boys. (づT ³ T)づ


My friends've created a Face Book page for the details of KAT-TUN LIVE IN BANGKOK 2010, which actually is K A T-TUN LIVE IN BANGKOK 2010. TTT^TTT

If you'd like to find more information or share its news, please don't hesitate to join us
@ www.facebook.com/pages/KAT-TUN-LIVE-IN-BANGKOK-2010/112305065448822.

See you on July 31, 2010 !

Back to normal. = =' I have 203 comments as of today (as it should be).

Now I'm so bored I didn't capture a screen when I have 161 comments (the day before yesterday) and only 1 comment (yerterday). -*- Can anyone tell me what happen with a server of JL... (sign)
Hope that tomorrow it won't be dropped to "1 comment post" again. =____='


Yeah!  Yesterday I've just murmured(?) about number of my comments posted haven't uped!

Today....it's change. Not like what you thing GUYS. It's not up, but the number was droped to 1 comment posted!!! (from 161) 

HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (laugh crazily)

comments posted

I don't understand at all. Why the amount of "comments posted" in my own info page haven't increased. It has been freezed at "161 comments posted" for a long time. In the other hand, in "recent comments" page is regularly up as it should be.

Following to LJ support suggestion, I have cleared catch and try to comment sth again. But it doesn't work at all. -*-

Ahhhhhhhhh! So irritate!!!